$2,978 Raised for HeadStrong

Charity Goal: $10,000
Money Raised: $2,978


Thank you so much for your support of Headstrong!  100% of the funds raised goes directly to help healing the hidden wounds of war.  Headstrong provides at no expense, confidential and stigma-free mental health treatment for military members, veterans, and their families regardless of service era or discharge.

To learn more about Headstrong or connect to care visit their website:


About HeadStrong

Every day, millions of service members and veterans struggle to access effective and meaningful mental health treatment. There are few organizations that tackle this problem head on, which is why we’re honored to partner with The Headstrong Project, a national nonprofit that has been dedicated to helping to heal the hidden wounds of war for ten years.
Through Headstrong’s best-in-class mental health treatment providers, services are offered at no cost to service members and veterans from any service branch, service era, or discharge status. Headstrong’s proven model is providing bureaucracy-free, stigma-free, cost-free, and confidential treatment services to the military community here in the greater Chicago area.

Through a partnership with Fort2Base and Headstrong, we're asking for your help to fundraise in support of this most important mission. We’re looking for partners and supporters to choose one of the three challenges below:

  • Bronze Level: Raise $250, receive your Fort2Base race admission fee back
  • Silver Level: Raise $500, receive your Fort2Base race admission fee back AND SWAG from Headstrong.
  • Gold Level: Raise $1,000, receive your Fort2Base race admission fee back, SWAG from Headstrong, AND be part of the VIP experience.

As you get ready for the race, we challenge you to pick a level to help the military and veteran community in your neighborhoods.

Help a Fundraiser Team Below

Mary Jo's Stand Alone Team Raised: $820 of $250.00
Team RWB Chicago Raised: $370 of $5000.00
Team Day Raised: $175 of $450.00
Aloha Schofield Raised: $50 of $250.00
Zebra VETZ Raised: $25 of $200.00
Beth S Raised: $20 of $1000.00
Jose's Team Raised: $10 of $500.00
Helen's HeadStrong Fundraiser Raised: $0 of $500.00
Michelle M Jatkiewicz Raised: $0 of $500.00
Recent Donors
Sandra Long $50.00
Lisa Spence $50.00
Anonymous $20.00
Nickole Jackson $10.00
Brad Billings $35.00
Top Donors
Jennifer M Smoter $500.00
Nicholas Nicholson $250.00
Sara P Cotter $250.00
Nicholas Nicholson $100.00
Steve Hughes $100.00
Top Fundraisers
Mary Jo Bryant $820.00
Nicholas Nicholson $100.00
Sandie Long $50.00
Jose Torres $10.00
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Donor Comments

“All who paid the ultimate price protecting our freedom!”

- Jose Torres

“For all those who have served, continue to serve and may serve in the future. Thank You - your service is appreciated and here's to helping with your futures. ”

- Mary Jo Bryant

“I admire your hard work and dedication! Good luck! ”

- Sheryl L Olson

“In memory of our fallen soldiers on land, sea, and air.”

- Nicholas Nicholson

“Go Navy! Be Headstrong. ”

- Jennifer M Smoter

“In memory of my dad!”

- Sandra Long